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Lodestone Academy is an educational service which provides comprehensive, structured, and adaptive Math and Language Arts programs for students in Kindergarten through 6th grade. These programs are individualized based on each student’s needs. Students are mentored in small group settings with their personalized curriculum plan to allow them to build confidence and independence.

Our Programs

Math Program

The Math program at Lodestone Academy is a personalized comprehensive program that uses a variety of tools to introduce topics and build problem-solving skills. Skills are introduced in small steps to allow for maximum understanding. Student confidence with new and more challenging concepts grows as they build key foundational skills through practice.

Language Arts Program

The English/Language Arts program at Lodestone Academy is also a comprehensive program that focuses on reading, language, writing, and vocabulary. Our programs help students become proficient, analytical readers. Students confidence with new and more challenging material grows as they build key foundational skills through practice.

Foreign Language Programs

Ready to learn a new language?

The Foreign Language programs at Lodestone Academy offer Spanish and Korean courses, provided in group and private classes, are customized to meet your student’s needs and levels. Curriculum includes studies in basic, intermediate, and advanced levels.

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What We Offer

Personalized Learning

Qualified Teachers

Small Group Sessions

Common Core Curriculum

Frequently Asked Questions

We're happy to answer any questions you may have. Please review some common questions from parents below.

What are your hours?

Monday 3pm-6pm (Spanish only)

Tuesday 2pm-6pm (Math and English)

Wednesday 3pm-6pm (Math and English)

Thursday 3pm-6pm (Math and English)

Friday 3pm-6pm (Math and English)

Saturday 9am-4pm (Spanish only)


How many children are in each session?

We believe that students thrive when working in a small group setting. This is why limit each session to 4 students.

What's a typical class session like?

Students will be provided a small workbook that focuses on a skill indicated as a focal point in their personalized learning program. With some initial guidance from their teacher, they will practice and review the skill as they work through the material. Students work mostly independently with mild mentoring as they build strength in and understanding of the concept.

What is Common Core curriculum?

Common Core curriculum is a set of academic standards that all students are expected to know and meet each year in both math and language arts. These standards, which are allocated to all students in kindergarten through high school, are meant to equip students with the abilities and knowledge needed to be successful in higher education and beyond. The three major principles of all Common Core curriculum are focus, coherence, and rigor.

How does Lodestone Academy help my child progress in school?

The Math and Language Arts programs provided at Lodestone Academy can help students make great strides in their own school settings. Since the learning programs at Lodestone are personalized based on student performance, specific skills and concepts are targeted. Practice and mastery of these specific skills will increase their overall success with larger concepts. The skill sets introduced, practiced, and reviewed in their personalized program will build their confidence and understanding in the curriculum they receive in their everyday school settings.


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Our Center Director

Jennifer Park-Zerkel

Jennifer Park-Zerkel is a proud mother of two who resides in the Los Angeles area. She has provided academic services through her Lodestone Academy locations since 2016 starting in La Habra, CA, and now here in Los Angeles. Her experiences as mentor and admissions director in both the financial and fashion worlds married into her passion for learning as she watched her own children develop and grow. This passion grew into a mission to support parents and serve students in a nurturing, safe environment with quality teachers and programs, that allowed students to grow in their academic abilities.

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