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About Lodestone Academy

Lodestone Academy is an educational service which provides comprehensive, structured, and adaptive Math and Language Arts programs for students in Kindergarten through 6th grade. These programs are individualized based on each student’s needs and provide the

essential tools that will maximize every student’s potential.

Our Programs

Our Math and Language Arts programs are based on Common Core curriculum standards. These are standards all students are expected to know and understand at each grade level to ensure they are prepared for the concepts for the next year, with the end goal of ensuring all students move onto great success in higher education and beyond. Common Core standards are based on focus, coherence, and rigor, all of which are a part of the academic programs at Lodestone Academy.

Small Group Classes

Students are mentored in small group settings with their personalized curriculum plan to allow them to build confidence and independence as they learn and grow in the areas of math and/or language arts. These groups are typically in a 1:4 teacher setting, allowing for the perfect balance of instruction and guidance along with student independence. Each student will receive the assistance and direction they need to ensure they are able to understand, practice, and master the skills and concepts in their personalized education


Personalized Learning

Once students have taken an initial assessment and a personalized learning plan has been designed, students will work on small workbooks which focus on targeted skills at each learning session. These workbooks start with the introduction of a skill or concept. Students then practice this skill/concept in a variety of ways for better understanding and retention. The rigor of the material and the independence level of the work increases as they progress through the material in the workbook. Once a skill has been mastered, the student will work on a new skill with a new workbook at the next learning session.

What makes Lodestone Academy Unique?

Lodestone Academy is a unique learning service for many reasons. First and foremost, it provides a nurturing environment with a personalized education plan for each student. Learning programs are created based on where each student is academically for both Math and Language Arts, which allow for maximum growth academically. Education plans are not only structured, they are comprehensive—providing skill-building in all areas for both Math and Language Arts. The learning program is also adaptive. Students are given the tools and materials they need to move them to the next level. Lastly, Lodestone Academy's personalized programs and small group settings allow students to meet their full potential.

Our Director

Jennifer Park-Zerkel

Jennifer is a highly qualified and experienced educational supervisor with eight years of experience. She holds a Child Development Site Supervisor permit, demonstrating that she has met the educational and professional standards set by the state of California to ensure all students receive high-quality care and education.

Throughout her career, Jennifer has demonstrated a passion for promoting student success and developing innovative educational programs. She has worked with students of all ages and abilities, providing guidance, support, and mentorship in order to assist them with reaching their full potential.

In her current role as an Educational Supervisor, Jennifer has also worked closely with teachers to ensure that their instructional methods are effective and in line with current educational best practices. She provides guidance, support, and professional development opportunities to her instructors and tutors. She also promotes a culture of continuous improvement.

Jennifer is a mother herself to school-aged children (ages 10 and 13) and has worked with young children since she was in high school. She is passionate about reading, traveling, languages (She is trilingual!), the environment, and she loves bringing her wealth of knowledge and experiences to others. Her greatest passion, however, is providing young people with tools and opportunities to let them grow and thrive in their own educational journeys.

Our Partners