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At Lodestone, we offer a customized study program based on students' needs and strengths called the Lodestone Personalized Adaptive Program for grades TK-6. It utilizes a diagnostic assessment and prescriptive study program to enable every student to learn at his and her own pace. Each student receives a carefully crafted modern curriculum that is adaptive, comprehensive, and structured to maximize potential.


At Lodestone, students build a strong foundation for future skills by identifying missing knowledge and skills and accessing customized curriculum. Students also develop common core knowledge plus critical thinking and problem solving skills.


At Lodestone we believe the keys to success in school are encouragement and consistency. We offer confidence to students through our diagnostic assessments and prescriptive studies and provide the structured program to build consistent study habits that last a lifetime.

Our Teachers

Lodestone teachers

At Lodestone Academy, we believe every student has unique talents and passions. When nurtured and cultivated consistently, we have seen students bloom and flourish in all areas of their lives—academically, personally, and socially. We want to see a whole generation of students grow into such holistic, successful, capable individuals who will take on the challenges of life to make a great difference and impact in our community.

We believe it is our job to recognize students’ unique gifts, guide them on their journey, and provide the essential tools to succeed. Each of our teachers are equipped with the appropriate training and knowledge to apply Lodestone's Personalized Adaptive Program in each class. We are committed to maximizing the potential of every Lodestone student!

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