What We Believe

Many believe a child’s path to success and happiness means getting the highest grades, attending the top schools, and landing the most lucrative jobs. But we know that is not the case. We have seen students experience the most growth, satisfaction, and success when they are discovering and cultivating their unique talents and passions, taking ownership of their own growth and education, and forging their path toward their brightest future.

At Lodestone Academy, we believe it is our job to recognize students’ unique gifts, guide them on their journey, and provide the essential tools to succeed.

Our Vision

At Lodestone Academy, we believe every student has unique talents and passions. When nurtured and cultivated consistently, we have seen students bloom and flourish in all areas of their lives—academically, personally, and socially. We want to see a whole generation of students grow into such holistic, successful, capable individuals who will take on the challenges of life to make a great difference and impact in our community.

Our Purpose

We are here to help students discover and cultivate their unique talents and passion by providing them the essential tools for their journey towards success. These tools include character building, discipline, critical thinking, problem solving, and foundational skills in reading, writing, and math.

Our Mission

We provide personalized curriculum taught by outstanding teachers dedicated to see students succeed. We help students gain mastery over the tools to success through customized programs in reading, writing, math, science, and foreign languages. Our courses are offered in group settings, private tutoring, and after-school programs in an academic environment that is caring, fun, and inspiring.

Happy Parents