Lodestone News: April 2018

At Lodestone Academy, we are committed to nurturing our budding students! This past month, we've seen so much growth thanks to our amazing teachers and support of our parents. Welcome to our blog as we share with you some of April's highlights!

Budding Students

Meet one of our kinders, age 6, who attends school in Fullerton. She has attended our after-school program since this past October, twice a week. Our amazing teachers have been helping her with math, HW, sight words, phonics, speaking, reading, and writing. At her last parents’ conference, her mom shared with us that she moved up two levels in her class! We were all ecstatic with joy. In addition, her level of concentration has improved extremely. She is a social butterfly and we adore her. We continue helping her grow socially, emotionally, and academically. Most importantly, we find ways to make learning fun for her because that’s how our young students learn best!

Also, meet our Lodestone twins in 4th grade! They attend Fullerton elementary and joined us this past October to improve their math. We partnered with the girls' parents, school teacher, and our amazing teachers, and both have now been reaching 95-100 on their test scores!

You can join this math group class offered Mondays 5-6:30pm. (We have 2 spots available for $30 for our maximum 4 students group class). Our math tutor, Mrs. Aubrey, makes learning fun for students from grades 3 to trigonometry, AP Calculus, ACT and SAT math! Sign up today! Or call us at (562) 902 0508 or email at contact@lodestoneacademy.net.

Featured Tutor

Student review for Mrs. Aubrey: "5/5. I received tutoring for AP Calc BC from Aubrey. She is a great tutor. She comes prepared for every session and asks for notes prior to session to ensure no time is wasted. She is very kind and easy to talk to. She covers the material step by step so that I can understand it fully. She has been a great help. :)" 

What Our Parents are Saying: "Five Stars!"

"I decided to enroll my kids at Lodestone because their math test scores weren’t as high as I wanted them to be. After just a few months I saw that their test scores were improving and went from 80% to 90 & 100% scores. I also wanted for them to get extra help with the reading and writing and saw that they had a really good program. Now my three children are enrolled at Lodestone and I’ve also seen improvement in the reading and comprehension. The reason I recommend this Academy and give it a five stars is because not only do they focus on the academic development of the children, they also have a healthy and pleasant teaching environment for the kids. I visited many academies and some of them focus only on academics while offering a stressful environment and rude service. I definitely recommend Lodestone Academy.”  View Google Reviews

Come Join Us!

We are currently featuring our 10-week Chess Nuts Class, which runs from 4/28 - 6/16. Space is limited! If you are new to Lodestone, you get a free trial. Students can always join the current ongoing class. 10% sibling discount available! For more information access this link.

Dates: Saturdays, 4/28 - 6/16
Time: 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM
Grades: K - 8th Grade
Cost: $160

We are also accepting registration for our 10-week summer program, which runs from 6/4 - 8/12. It will be a summer of fun, learning, and growth. Our 10 week program is for K-G6 only, but  we are offering book clubs for G1-8, math for G3+, hands on projects for K-G8, Spanish for all levels, ACT, and SAT group math. Private tutoring is available as well! Learn more via this link.