Lodestone News: March 2020

Parents and students, we've got some great programs lined up for summer 2020! Join us for another exciting break filled with fun and learning! Our summer will include our annual Summer Program, Lodestone Personalized Adaptive Program for math and English, Spanish, and STEM classes!

Click on the image below for more details!

Additional Summer Classes

Spanish – Beginner & Intermediate (Ages 5-11)

  • Description: During this 10-week program, students learn how to read, write, understand and speak introductory level Spanish through the use of in-class conversations, cultural stories and innovative games. The students will have fun learning basic vocabulary about visiting the zoo, fun in the kitchen, jungle and learn about the Spanish speaking countries in the world. This allows students to apply classroom material in everyday life and explore the Spanish-speaking culture. Spanish for beginners is an easy introduction to the language. Intermediate classes are for students who have little knowledge of the language.
  • Cost: $120 per week
  • Schedule: M-Th, 3:30 - 4:30PM
    • Visiting the Zoo
      • Beginner: 6/8 – 6/11
      • Intermediate: 6/15-18
    • Around the World
      • Beg: 6/22-25
      • Int: 6/29-7/2
    • Under the Sea
      • Beg: 7/6-7/9
      • Int: 7/13-16
    • Fun in the Kitchen
      • Beg: 7/20-7/23
      • Int: 7/27-7/30
    • Jungle Safari
      • Beg: 8/3-8/6
      • Int: 8/10-8/13

STEM with Zometool Creator (Ages 5-11)

  • Description: This engaging hands-on program allows students to build, observe, and explore using their creative imagination. The elements consist of small connector nodes and struts of various colors. Students investigate, solve problems, use teamwork, tap their critical thinking skill, build fine motor skills and gain deeper understanding of science and engineering.
  • Cost: $75 per week
  • Schedule: M/W, 11:00AM – 12:15PM
    • Session 1: 6/8-6/17
    • Session 2: 6/22-7/1
    • Session 3: 7/6-7/15
    • Session 4: 7/20-7/29
    • Session 5: 8/3-8/12