Lodestone News: May 2018

This month we are excited to feature three of our brightest Lodestone students! We also had so much fun with our students and want to share some highlights from our summer program and classes.

Cultivating Passionate Students

Meet one of our 5th graders, who attends school in La Mirada and joined our academy in January 2017. He is sweet natured, gifted, works hard, and always has a positive attitude. At Lodestone we help him with homework and offer private tutoring in subjects like language arts, science, and math. It has been a pleasure working with him as he prepares for middle school this fall. He loves math and science so we’ve been cultivating him in these areas. He is currently taking our Tinker science hands-on classes and receiving tutoring in pre-algebra. He is also receiving tutoring in descriptive writing. We believe recognizing students’ gifts is crucial to developing a personalized road map for success that allows students to easily and enjoyably learn what they are good at and love most.

Meet his younger sister, who is also attending school in La Mirada! She joined us as a TK and was struggling with her English. We helped her gain self-confidence in school through private lessons that made learning and speaking English fun. It didn’t take very long for her to build confidence. She’s made many friends since then and her English speaking skills have improved exponentially. This fall, she will be ready for 1st grade. She loves art and science, just like her older brother. She has memorized 200 sight words and knows how to read and write. She is definitely ready to take on 1st grade! She is currently enjoying Kiwi and SID the Science Kid.

Review from these students' parent: "My son and daughter are enrolled here. They had programs that I can customize to optimize my kids' conditions. Especially, my kids have difficult to speak, read, and write in English. I noticed my daughter’ big improvement in speaking English. My son had difficult to read and write. Still getting help from here. Teachers are kind, gentle, and compassionate."

Meet our third featured student of the month--one of our kinder students who joined us last summer for our summer program! We had a lot of fun at Camelot Golf Land and Seaside Lagoon. He is a gentle, sweet boy that is always yearning to learn more! It has been wonderful witnessing his growth for the past year. He loves to read to his friends in class and is an excellent writer. He is currently in our Kiwi hands-on science class, which promotes critical thinking, solving problems, social, and fine motor skills. He is also enjoying our SID the science class, where he is learning about science, vocabulary, listening, speaking, and reading comprehension skills.

Review from his parent: "Our son loves this academy! They have awesome teachers and staff! The director is very caring and thoughtful! She gives us recommendations on how to further develop our son's social and educational areas."

Highlights from Our Summer Program!

Join us in the summer for 10 weeks of learning and fun from 6/4 - 8/4! Our summer program is offered for K-G6 only but we provide book clubs for G1-8, math for G3+, hands on projects for K-G8, Spanish, ACT and SAT group math, field trips, and more! Private tutoring available as well! We offer early drop-off and late pick-up for an additional fee.

Students enroll weekly and sign up for two time slots: 9:00 AM – 12 PM ($150/week) or 9:00 AM – 3 PM ($200/week) Access our summer schedule here!

Some features to look forward to this summer...Field trips!

Highlights from our last summer field trips include the Sriracha tour, private Google tour in Venice Beach (tour was hosted by Diana Skaar, the head of business development, robotics at X-Google. She took time out of her busy day and shared with us about the company and the importance of her job), Long Beach Aquarium, Natural History Museum, whale watching in Newport Beach, and AMF bowling. This summer, we will be going to old and new favorites such as the private Google tour, Pertensen Automobile Museum, and Splash Waterpark.

Zome Tool Class (K-G2, G3-G6; $40/class but no extra cost for students enrolled in 9-3pm summer-program)

The goal of Zome is to make geometry accessible for young students. It allows students to build, observe, and explore using their imagination. Using this hands-on activity, students are encouraged to become future architects, scientists and engineers. Zometools is a great way to use play and inspire students to learn about art, science, and math while having fun!

Book Club

Students improve their vocabulary, grammar, and reading comprehension skills and gain deeper understanding of reading in this dynamic group course by reading the following books:

G1: Magic Tree House: Dinosaurs Before Dark
G2: Fantastic Mr. Fox by Roald Dahl
G3: The Chocolate Touch
G4: Island of the Blue Dolphin
G5: Hatchet
G6: Wrinkle in Time
G7: The House of the Scorpion
G8: Hunger Games

Find more information and summer schedule here!

Featured Classes

We are having so much fun with our students at Lodestone Academy--we want to share some of the work we've done!

Science and Kiwi Hands-On Class (K-G2): classes are offered once a week in the summer and currently once a month. Sign up a week in advance to ensure you have your crate! In past Kiwi classes, students built solar systems, rockets (pictured below), and human anatomy!


Science and Tinker Hands-On Class (G3-G6): classes are offered once a week in the summer and currently once a month. Sign up a week in advance to ensure you have your crate! Past Tinker projects included building a hydraulic claw (pictured below), color mixing LED crystals, and building a planetarium!


Spanish Beginner and Intermediate (G1-G6): Our Spanish teacher is Francisco Fuentes. In our Spanish classes, students learn Spanish in a very interactive way, speaking, listening, and writing. The goal of the beginning course is to teach students the ability to express basic ideas and complete thoughts. The intermediate course builds on students’ basic Spanish knowledge. In each lesson, students reinforce their communicative abilities: listening, writing, reading, and speaking.

Descriptive Writing I & II: If your child is struggling and/or interested in becoming a better writer, check out our descriptive writing classes. Our writing courses are the most popular! In book one, students learn to brainstorm, combine sentences, use figurative language, and build paragraphs. In book two, students apply what they used in book one and learn how to research, look out for plagiarism, write in MLA format, and write a five-body essay.

For Parents: Tip of the Month

We recommend two books to parents who want to understand their children and have a deeper connection as they go through different phases in life:

Understanding how your children think can help strengthen your relationship with them and promote healthy growing as they mature and build relationships with others. Most importantly, these authors share tools to cultivate trust and unconditional love with your growing child.