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Our Math and Language Arts programs are based on Common Core curriculum standards. These are standards all students are expected to know and understand at each grade level to ensure they are prepared for the concepts for the next year, with the end goal of ensuring all students move onto great success in higher education and beyond. Common Core standards are based on focus, coherence, and rigor, all of which are a part of the academic programs at Lodestone Academy.

Lodestone Academy also offers Foreign Language programs. Please read below for more information.

Math Program

Lodestone Academy’s Math Program is a modern, Common-Core aligned curriculum developed to help students improve their performance in school by offering the most up to date curriculum. Our program provides the necessary skills and concepts your children will need in school and prepare them for the next school year’s concepts as well as different types of State Standardized tests. Lodestone Academy’s Math Program focuses on conceptual understanding, proficiency, and problem-solving skills that are essential for all levels of education. Our math program uses the small-step approach in introducing skills for ease of learning and building confidence. The introduction of skills and the practice of skills is structured to increase student retention of material. Lastly, the Math Program uses a variety of tools to introduce concepts and build problem-solving skills. Our program allows learners to work on skills that build strong foundations in mathematics.

Lodestone Academy’s Math Program is designed to help students build their confidence and reach their academic goals. The steps to success are within reach, and the benefits of our innovative program will motivate your child. The best way for you or your child to learn a new skill is by taking small steps that build on each other week after week. The spiral learning structure gradually introduces students with skills they can retain from previous weeks while still growing in confidence through successive lessons designed around their needs as an individual learner.

English/Language Arts Program

Lodestone Academy’s Language Arts Program is an educationally-rich curriculum that includes reading texts, comprehension exercises, grammar and mechanics, vocabulary, as well as writing skills developed focusing on Common Core Standards in English. Reading is essential to a child’s growth and to maximize student achievement, our program utilizes several genres of reading including fiction, nonfiction, poetry, drama, speech and more to help your child become familiar with diverse styles and voices. Our program features structured lessons in language and reading strategies, giving your child a comprehensive structure for their future.

The challenging reading texts and comprehension questions are some of the greatest aspects of our Language Arts program, which allow the students to practice skills that they need even beyond the general classroom setting! In early grades of the program, we help our students learn how to read words and simple sentences. From grade 2 onwards, our program will provide challenging paragraphs along with thought-provoking, open-ended questions for optimal learning.

Finally, with the right combination of form and function, writing can be a powerful form of communication. Effective writing is about raising important issues, making persuasive arguments, and marshalling evidence. At Lodestone Academy, writing is just one piece of the Language Arts program. Students will be provided with tools and practice in both academic and creative writing that is paired with the reading comprehension and language practice material with each lesson.

Foreign Language Programs

Lodestone foreign language classes for Spanish and are divided into beginners, intermediate, advanced levels in 1 to 4 teacher/student classes. Our curriculum covers grammar, reading, writing, and conversational skills. Come prepared to immerse yourself in a new culture!