At Lodestone, we offer a customized study program based on students' needs and strengths for grades TK-6. We utilize a diagnostic assessment and prescriptive study program to enable every student to learn at his and her own pace. Each student receives a carefully crafted modern curriculum that is adaptive, comprehensive, and structured to maximize potential.

The benefits of our modern, structured program include building a strong foundation for future skills and developing common core knowledge in addition to critical thinking and problem solving skills. Through our customized curriculum, students also develop confidence and consistent study habits that last a life time.


Lodestone's math program provides the essential skills are presented in small steps for easier understanding. Each successive week builds upon the skills from previous weeks, helping students learn new skills and at the same time retain what they have previously learned. For workbook samples, please contact us. Assessment fees are waived upon enrollment.


Lodestone's English program is a comprehensive curriculum based on Common Core Standards. It builds a solid foundation in reading and language skills. In addition, vocabulary building and writing are part of the core skills. For workbook samples, please contact us. Assessment fees are waived upon enrollment.

Foreign Languages

Lodestone foreign language classes for Spanish and Korean are divided into beginners, intermediate, advanced levels in 1 to 4 teacher/student classes. Our curriculum covers grammar, reading, writing, and conversational skills. Come prepared to immerse yourself in a new culture!

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