Available Reading Programs: Iris Speed Reading, Book Club, Quadrupled

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Iris Speed Reading

Target Group: Ages 8+

Course Description: We partner with Iris Speed Reading Program, where students learn speed reading and memorization techniques through comprehensive guided online courses. Students increase reading speed, improve comprehension and recall, become a more efficient reader, and learn how to approach technical material and analytical reading more effectively.

On average, we offer 4 Iris Speed Reading workshops per year. In addition to the workshop, students gains access to an online course that reinforces the materials and skills learned in class.  

Book Club

Target Group: Gr. 1-8

Course Description: Our book clubs offer students the opportunity to read and discuss fun and academic books in a group setting. Through group discussion and workbooks, students gain a deeper appreciation for reading. Our book club runs year-long and we offer variety of books including Martha on the Case, Dinosaurs Before Dark, Trumpet of the Swan, Hatchet, and The House of the Scorpion.


 Target Group: Gr. 1-2

Course Description: Young children improve their vocabulary, grammar, speaking, and listening comprehension skills in a fun way by utilizing two PBS educational television shows:

-Little Einsteins focuses on art and music appreciation by integrating famous or culturally significant art works.

-Berenstain Bears focuses on the same moral messages and lessons, such as gratitude and responsibility, based on the books.  

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